Burn Permits

Burning permits are required in the Town of Gardner

Town of Gardner Ordinance #02-2005

(Outdoor and Refuse Burning and Fire Works)

The Town of Gardner Ordinance #02-2005 covers a variety of burning issues within the Township.  However section 13 pertains to Burning Permits: 13.0 Burning permits.

No person shall start or maintain any open burning without a burning permit issued by the Town Chairman, or a Designee of said official. An outdoor campfire does not require a permit provided that the fire complies with all other applicable provisions of this ordinance.

For a complete detail of Outdoor and Refuse Burning and Fire Works for the Town of Gardner, please go to the Ordinances & Resolutions section of this web site.

Please call one of the following for a burning permit:


Captain, B.U.G. Fire Dept.

Dave Kaye

Phone: (920) 256-9390

Fire Fighter, B.U.G. Fire Dept.

Dan Kroll

Phone: (920) 493-8558

Safety Officer, B.U.G. Fire Dept.

Larry Madsen

Phone: (920) 559-0424

Assistant Fire Chief, B.U.G.

Ryan Wery

Phone: (920)493-0773