Amendment Ordinance

Camping on Private Property 03-2021

Nonmetallic Mining Ordinance 02-2021

Solid Waste and Recycling Ordinance 01-2021

Zoning Referendum

Ordinance Regulating Outside Storage, Unsightly Premises and Hazards 05-2019

Variance Petition

Accept Sugar Creek Drive Res. 03-2007

Aesthetic Ordinance 01-06

Alcohol Beverage License Fees Res. 01-2007

All-Terrain/Utility Updated Map

All-Terrain/Utility-Terrain Vehicles Routes and Regulations for the Operation of all ATV's/UTV's and Map

Amend. Plan Commission 01-2015

Amend. Snowmobile 1-97

Amend. Uniform Dwelling 01-2005

App. Est. Tourism Res. 4-2008

Building Code Ordinance 01-2011

Building Code Ordinance 01-2018

Building Code Ordinance 02-2006

Building Permit Fees Res. 01-2005

Building Permit Fees Res. 03-2008

By Laws Res. 4-08

CAFO 02-2013

Centurytel Res. 1-2001

CMF Resolution 2011-02

Collection of Tax on Overnight 01-2008

Comprehensive Planning Ordinance 03-2009

Confidentiality 1-2000

Directives for Private Driveways 4-96

Door Cty Humane Society Res. 02-2007

Driveway Permit 3-97

Election Inspectors Res. 2-2003

Elections Inspector Works Res. 2-2003

Establish Speed Zone 1-2003

Establish Speed Zone 3-2003

Fees for Variance Request

Fees for Variance Request 2017-03

Fire Board Appointee Res. 3-2001

Fire Fighters Res. 02-2006

Fireworks Permit

Highway Design Standards 02-06

Highway Design Standards 03-06

Interim Control Wind Turbines 2008

Joint Fire Agreement 03-2008

Lake Planning Grant App. Res.

Land Use Comm. Appt. Res. 10-2001

Land Use Committee Appt. Res. 2-97

Letter to BUG Board of Directors for June 06 Agenda

Loan Authorization Res. 2-95

Local Road Agreement

Mobile Home Fees

Mobile Home Park 02-2003

Mobile Home Park Ord. 04-2003

Municipal Disaster Proclamation Res. 2-2000

NIMS Resolution 01-2009

No Parking Big Rock Road 02-2011

No Parking Bonus Point 1-98

No Parking on Bay Road 3-96

No Parking Stevenson Pier 2-98

Non-Enforcement Res. 03-2000

NWTC Practices and Funding Res.1-2003

Outdoor and Refuse Burning 02-2005

Permit for Road Right of Way

Plan Commission 20 Year Plan Res. 02-09

Poll Worker Split Shift 01-2013

Potl Adult Entertainment Ordinance

President Rotation Fire Board

Prilminary Cty Super Res. 1-2001

Raised Dog License Tax 2017-01

Regulating Alcohol Beverages 01-1989

Regulating Intersections 2002

Regulating Outside Storage 04-1997

Renaming Town Roads 1-2001

Renaming Town Roads 2000

Renaming Town Roads 6-2000

Renaming Willow Road 7-2000

Safe Driving Res. 01-2010

Second Amend. Building Codes 5-2000

Second Amend. Snowmobile 1-97

Sexual Offender 01-2008

Snowmobile Access 1-97

Speed Zone on Riley's & Stevenson Pier 4-95

Speed Zone Wood Lane Road

Tourism Zone Commission Res. 2011-01

Town Plan Commission Ordinance 2017-02

Travel Matters Res. 02-2010

Uniform Dwelling Code 01-2004

Uniform Dwelling Code 01-2005

Uniform Dwelling Code 02-2008

Village Powers Res. 1-97

Village Registration 2-2000

Voting Equipment Res. 03-06